Thursday, 22 July 2010

Banjo or Freakout

For some reason i literally cannot stop listening to this song. Although to be honest, i think the girl in the video helps...


Im not gunna pretend to know a lot about this lot but i cant stop listening to their new track "Living in America". They hail from Massachusets and apparently play post-modern synth pop with some great results, although you didnt hear that from me. This new single seems to be catching some attention, and has record companies banging at their door. Its hazy yet hard-hitting at the same time with its dirty synth backdrop and looping lyrics and has "Summer Anthem" written all over it. Basically, fuck off...I like it.

Dom - Living in America

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


It seems theres a helluva lot of good bands coming out of the London underground right about now (although i spose, when isn't there?) and heres another one for ya! Teeth hail from Dalston although vocalist Veronica So is from sunny California. Bet that one was a bit of a culture shock eh...Musically they make playful synth-punk and the comparisons to Crystal Castles are no doubt endless. However they are far less annoying than their canadian counterparts with their slurred spacey bleeps and vocals that mix nicely into the background as opposed to screamed at you until you get a migraine. New single "See Spaces" is out on Moshi Moshi in a few months and will no doubt have THE BLOGOSPHERE shouting over the top bollocks for a while. Like i'm doing now i guess. Its a perfect summer tune which people could pigeon hole into the "Chillwave" category but personally, i think thats the gayest term ive ever fucking heard so i wont. In my opinion it also offers a lot more than that anyway. B Side "Time Changes" is more of a challenging listen with a harder electro-punk beat but grows on you like no-ones biznizz. Im sure it wont be long until we see these lot down here in Brighton and i, for one, will be there wiv bells on!

Check out both songs (aswell as some pretty dire remixes) on their myspace:

"Raucous joyous skronky dancey whatever-wave with more ideas than time and more pep in its step than a five-year old on a Pixie Stick high" – Pitchfork.

"If Girls Aloud did a duet with New Young Pony Club.." - The Guardian

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Holy fucking shit - New semi-interesting band for us all to talk about for a bit! Yuck are a stupidly new project, only setting up their myspace a few months ago, and already have a shitload of hype surrounding them, including a whole NME wankfest thing recently. Yuck comprise of two members from Cajun Cunt Party, some bird and some fat bloke. Thankfully they sound nothing like the previous band they were in and instead play a kind of early 90's dreamy grunge ting. New single "Georgia" and personal favourite "The Wall" are perfect lo-fi pop tunes with great melodies that thankfully never become too cheesy, unlike bands they played with in the past...
With some gigs lined up with fellow HYPESTARS Egyptian Hip Hop and Dum Dum Girls at places like The Old Blue Last and all those shitholes on the horizon, im sure they'll be getting 'nuff props in the coming months. A little bird told me theres a BTN gig in the pipeline so keep your eyes and ears peeled lads and ladettes...

Monday, 4 January 2010

Songs i want played at my funeral...

So 2010 eh? A new year and that. So what better way to celebrate than to get depressed about getting a year older and still pissing around like a drunk spastic. With this in mind ive got all morbid on yo' ass and have come up with ten songs i want played at my funeral. Ok so im only 24, but say i died tomorrow - at least id have a fuckin good tune to listen to whilst i descend to hell...

10 - Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring

The ultimate nostalgia song. Full of whimsical nods to times gone by and parties attended throughout the years. This is bound to have people collapsing into frenzied heaps of sorrow all over the shop, which i guess is the point. I want this played if i die aged 60 after a few years battling with alcoholism and minor dementia.

9 - Pulp - Sorted for E's and Whizz

"What if you never come dowwwnnnnn..". This is what i want if i die of an overdose.

8 - Nick Cave - Your Funeral, My Trial

This is the song i want played if im murdered by a close friend. Hopefully it'll make him feel so guilty that he admits to the whole damn thing and is arse fucked in prison for the rest of his days. Tosser.

7 - Oasis - Live Forever

I guess this one is pretty self-explanatory..

6 - Arthur Brown - Fire

I want this one played if i die aged like 90 or sumfink. Obviously this has to go hand in hand with a cremation, it wouldnt really work at a burial. I've chosen this because its kinda funny but not too dark or offensive for my 90 year old mates (as if).

5 - Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic

This one is for a death in a road accident. However if its me thats driving, then it could also be "In My Car" by Madness or "Cars" by Gary Numan, although please not the fucking Fear Factory cover...Remember that!? Theres probably loads for this death actually so feel free to adlib if you think of a better one. Ta.

4 - Joy Division - Love will Tear us Apart

Easily the most obvious inclusion, but i think im just really fuckin arrogant and narcissistic 'cos i just want people literally pissing tears at my funeral. Is that so much to ask?

3 - Stone Roses - I am the Ressurection

This has to be for a church funeral. And i want the priests face when this is played put on Flikr.

2 - Tupac - Thugz Man$ion

If my life takes a sudden turn for the worse and i end up dying in a gang related shoot out, then it has to be this. I actually fucking hate this song but its here for pure comedy reasons. It would be pretty funny...

Ain't no place I'd rather be
Chillin' with homies and family
Sky high, iced out paradise
In the skyyyyyyyyyy...

Couldnt have said it better myself.

1 - Blondie - Heart of Glass

Heart attack. See also; The Strokes