Thursday, 20 March 2008

Neon Neon

Neon Neon are a collaberation between Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals fame and LA producer Boom Bip. its an odd collab i'll give you that. The album "Stainless Style" has got rave reviews everywhere and NME said they are "they best side project since gorillaz" but thats bollocks 'cos Gorillaz are shit. Stainless Style features cameo's from the likes of Fat Lip, Spank Rock and Yo Majesty, as well as young welsh singer Cate Le Bon. The album is a mix of electro pop and spank rock style electro-hop and i have no doubt that the Guardian Music Monthly will be spunking over this album very soon as the sound is "just SO now!". That said, it does have some good tunes and is a pretty consistent album. Boom Bips production is pretty flawless and songs like new single "I Lust U" and "Belfast" are pop gems that deserve the hype. The album is apparently a concept album about John Delorean, some bloke who was an engineer and worked in the car industry or something. which sounds pretty gay to me.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Gary Numan @ The Dome

ah gary numan..that 80's electro "eccentric". Hes on the comeback trail and lets be honest, who can blame him. He managed to sell out The Dome which has a capacity of 1,700 people, so i guess some people must still like him. Anyway, this gig was quite odd. I was really kained and felt really young, but managed to grab a seat and just sat there spinning out..laughing at cybergoths in the process. fuckin cybergoths..
South Central were the support band, who are generally brilliant, but playing in such a big hall, they lost a lot of bass and i thought they sounded weak. Still enjoyable enough though. "The Numanator" came on and started to play his 2 hour set or whatever the fuck it of it were quite good to be honest. any song that had either been a hit, was instrumental or involved a synth heavily was ok, but a lot of his new stuff sounded like an industrial post-Coming Up Suede but without the pretention. or thats what i thought at the time. did i mention i was really kained..?
anyway, Gazza is playing a few festivals this year but i think i can say i'll probably be finding someone else to watch. PEACE.