Friday, 21 November 2008

Nick Cave

So yeh basically, im really fucking excited about seeing Nick Cave and The Badseeds this weekend. Even if it is at the bloody Brighton Centre...urgh. Apparently the tour is in celebration of his entire back catalogue being rereleased digitally remastered, which hopefully means it'll be a bit of a greatest hits tour. At least thats what im hoping...So i thought id take this opportunity to post some of my favourite Nick Cave videos so you can all GET TO KNOW 'cos this blokes a fookin legend alright?

I Had a Dream, Joe

Do You Love Me?

Your Funeral, My Trial (live)

Brother My Cup Is Empty (Live)

Stagger Lee

Monday, 17 November 2008


Violens are a New York band who formed only about a year ago, but who are getting some real hype going, supporting MGMT amongst others. The name is a cross between "Violence" and "Violins" which sounds really gay, but it does kinda sum up their sound. They have an almost psychedelic feel with lots of harmonies and reverb, but then with some quite sharp sounding synths and stuff thrown over the top. Ive only heard the songs on their Myspace so cant give any kind of album review (they dont even have an EP out yet i dont think) but they've got a kind of Zombies-mixed-with-an-english-80's-indie-band feel to them. I dont think they're amazing, but certainly a band to watch. Their single "Already Over" is fuckin gorgeous but for some reason i cant find a video for it to post up on here, just check it on the Myspace.

Heres the video for Trance Like Turn:

Monday, 10 November 2008

Women and Children First @ Penthouse

So Women and Children First continued its monthly night at the Penthouse the other week, and heres some "flix". I think we ended up pissing off the staff in there by constantly turning the music up and playing porn in between songs, but fuck it..










Women and Children First - First tuesday of the month @ The Penthouse (Above the Freebutt)

Photos by Jack Deeks

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Monday, 3 November 2008

Mystery Jets - Half in Love with Elizabeth (Foamo Remix)

Heard this remix during a Queens of Noize mix the other day and deemed it good enough to blog. HEAVY.

download it here:

Mystery Jets - Half in Love With Elizabeth (Foamo Remix)