Thursday, 31 January 2008

British Sea Power @ Komedia 29/01/08

I have never really given Brighton's British Sea Power a proper listen so wasnt really sure what kind of set to expect. Id heard parts of the new album and it seemed a bit more MOR than older stuff but it seems to have worked for them and both recent single and album have flown into the charts. Turned up a bit late so missed the first few tunes (i also missed the encore) but got to see a good 45minutes of their set. It was epic, melodic indie which sometimes sounded fantastic, and other times sounded really boring. I remember thinking at the time that it sounded like Arcade Fire fronted by the singer of Editors or something. The occasional instrumental bits were great and one specific 10 minute interlude was dope. New single, "Waving Flags" was really good as well. Some of the slower songs dragged on a bit but all in all ive seen worse bands fo' sho'. - check the single "waving flags", i really like it.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

David Shrigley

I have never been one to pretend i know anything at all about illustration, but david shrigley is someone I've been a fan of for ages. Ive been reading his books for years and it seems he's gaining gradually more clout as an artist. His bizarre doodle-like drawings coupled with hilarious scripted conversations are fucking brilliant. Its quite hard to explain so I'll just put a few examples:






check out his website for more drawings, animations, sculptures and shit:

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Gigs of 2007..

I was meant to write this a while ago but bloody January got in the way..

This is the top ten gigs i saw in the year that was 2007. I was fortunate enough to see loads of fuckin good bands this year, but that also means some may have slipped my shoddy short-term memory but fuck it..

10 - Primal Scream @ Bestival - wasnt expecting much as am not a fan, but really surprised me. 3 litres of red wine probably helped..

9 - Gallows @ Great Escape - This gig was just when things were "kicking off" for them and the front of the stage was packed with cameramen. Had only seen them in a small venue before so wasnt sure how it would work, but they pulled it off.

8 - Kid Harpoon @ The Hope - Was a fan before i saw him, but seeing him with a live band was well good. "Riverside" and "First we take Manhatten" were quality.

7 - Les Breastfeeders @ Great Escape - Was workin at the great escape and was told to help a band load out and stumbled upon this band. Was manic french pop-punk (in the real sense of the word) with a midget hitting a tambourine over his head. They're not great on record but was a well good gig

6 - Easy Star All-Stars @ Bestival - Nothing better to get rid of your hangover than lying on the grass on a boiling hot day having a zoot with this band on the main stage.

5 - Foals @ Bestival - 200 gurning tossers squeezed into a tiny tent at 3am. dont remember much to be honest but remember it being good..

4 - Goose @ Cargo, LDN - This was a fuckin gurnfest but so, so good. South Central DJ set afterwards was sick as well.

3 - Electrelane @ Pavillion Theatre - Electrelane's final ever gig and they played 3 encores. Was lesbian post-rock at its best. Found a gram of sniff on the floor as well which was a bonus.

2 - Ian Brown @ Digital - Played all his solo "classics" as well as "i wanna be adored" and "I am the resurrection" thrown in for good measure. Was dope. Got to meet him as well.

1 - Toots and the Maytals @ Lovebox Weekender, LDN - Coming up on gurners while the sun sets after a hard day drinking over priced gin and tonics, dancing to "Pressure Drop" is one of my best moments of 2007. perfect gig.

Honourable Mentions: ra ra riot, the rapture, south central, erol alkan, 80's matchbox

Friday, 18 January 2008

My favourite parks are car parks
Grass is something you smoke
Birds are something you shag
Take your "Year in Provence"
And shove it up your arse.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Black Kids

Theres load of hype comin out of indie tossers mouths about this band from Jacksonville, Florida at the moment, and UK tour dates with Kate Nash and Sons and Daughters will certainly fuel this further. But does first EP "Wizard of Ahhh's" live up to this hype? First impressions werent great (i dont think the recordings do it much justice) but after a few listens found myself really getting into it. Its cutesy-synthy-indie-pop (everyones fave..) but i think the songs have more going for them than most of that "genre". Songs such as "Hit the Heartbrakes" and "Hurricane Jane" are particular high points and are actually really well written pop tunes. Whether this EP is the best they can come up with or whether they go from strength to stength remains to be seen but im certainly looking forward to a full length LP.
Believe the hype? possibly...

download the EP for free at

Monday, 14 January 2008

Anni Rossi

I saw Anni Rossi support Electrelane at their last ever gig at the Pavillion Theatre in Brighton and she was fuckin brilliant (So were electrelane if you're interested..). she came on stage with only a viola for company but somehow managed to fill the whole venue with noise. she uses the viola in so many ways to really give depth and progression to her songs, which was good 'cos im usually bored shitless watching live acoustic type acts. Her songs have a typical americana slant with some really nice lyrics and great vocal range. The recorded songs ive heard have, to be honest, been a bit hit and miss but songs such as "Wheelpusher", "Ecology" and to a lesser extent, "Ponds 'n' lakes" are all brilliant and i cant stop listening to them. Check her out yo!

Friday, 11 January 2008


Whitemare are new kids on the block of the brighton Hardcore scene, and with band members from Centurion and an ex-Architect im guessing it wont be long before they get some real notoriety nationally. They sound like Suicide File fuckin The Bronx with a broken bottle and write songs about partying and other such profound topics. They got given the title of "Best Unsigned Band of the week" on the Radio1 rock show without having even played a show yet and if they keep writing songs like the ones on their myspace, they could be...dare i say it.....THE NEW GALLOWS!?

Litres and Grams..

Alright cunts, this "blog" is mostly going to be music related, with reviews and links to downloads etc but is also a place for me to write down my inner-most feelings and emotions. nah is it fuck, i might put some funny pictures or something on it but mostly it'll be me rambling on about bands and dj's that no-one cares about. SAFE X